BAI Registered Franchise Consultant Review: Meet Patrick Rozmus

How a former franchise development executive found success as a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI

Patrick Rozmus is a brand new registered franchise consultant with BAI. Prior to joining BAI, he worked in franchise development for several national brands, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs open their own businesses.

He often used franchise consultants to help meet his sales goals. Now that he is a consultant with BAI, he continues to help entrepreneurs by steering them towards the right franchise opportunity.

We recently spoke with Patrick about why he chose to join BAI, how BAI supports his goals, and how his quality of life has improved since he left the corporate world to start his new career as a registered franchise consultant with BAI.

Can you tell me what you were doing before you joined BAI?

I spent nearly 11 years in franchise recruiting with a few brands. That experience gave me the opportunity to guide people in finding the next step in their career path by becoming an entrepreneur through franchising. I helped several hundred people over the years.

Were you aware of BAI and of the reputation it had within the franchise community?

I had been to franchise expos, and I knew of them before I started to associate with them through lead generation. I quickly learned that working with BAI went smoother than with other organizations. They’ve been in the business longer, and their reputation stood out.

Why did you choose BAI to partner with?

The BAI model made the most sense to me. Coming from the recruiting industry, I was used to doing a placement in a certain way. BAI doesn’t charge a membership fee and is highly selective. Other organizations have membership fees on a monthly basis, regardless of your success, so I saw that parallel. If an organization only makes money if you are successful, I am confident they will be focused on my success to make it a win-win relationship.

How does being in franchise development differ from being a franchise broker?

The biggest reason I made that change is because, being in franchise development, I specifically worked for one brand. So when I spoke with people, I was more focused on selling that brand to them and getting them excited and on board, rather than being more consultative. If it wasn’t the right fit, I really couldn’t help them. My focus was to sell an opportunity rather than consult with them. As a consultant with BAI, I now have several hundred organizations in over 30 industries. I can now help someone identify as the right model for them and be consultative, rather than trying to sell them on one brand I am representing.

Having been in that franchise development role, how does it make you feel being on both sides of this experience?

You know part of it is the grind, and part of it is the excitement of the finish line. So being on the franchise development side, calling people, prequalifying, and knocking out the tire kickers, is part of the grind. I enjoy talking with people, but the exciting part is building a relationship with someone who communicates with you and is looking for your guidance. At the end of the day, it becomes a full-time job for someone to look for a franchise business, and people don’t have the time. They get frustrated. They click on some things, they get a barrage of phone calls, and they have to dig around online to find out about costs and what the business is. I take the leg work out of the process for them.

Are you finding a lot more people are looking into being entrepreneurs?

I think many people have the desire to be an entrepreneur. It’s not for everybody, but definitely in the pandemic, there is more interest. I always laugh because I started full-time with BAI on March 1, 2020, and the pandemic hit twenty days later. Honestly, it’s been great because not only have the franchisors adjusted through the pandemic, but our consultants are busier than ever because more people are interested in entrepreneurship. They are staying home. They see opportunity and perhaps a better quality of life, so they are looking more into business opportunities.

Are you finding your work/life balance has improved?

It has been great as far as the work/life balance. I’m from New York, and traffic is always a commonality. I would commute an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half, so I’d spend two and a half to three hours in the car a day. I just had weekends to do things. Now being at home, I can be here for my family in the evening. My wife works a floating schedule as well, so when she’s home, I can manage my time and base my phone calls around what is going on in my personal life, which is amazing.

And since you are so new to this, has BAI helped you become established?

They are always there for you. Being a franchise business consultant, you are a business owner driven to be successful. I look at BAI as that vehicle to help you reach your goals. They don’t call and check in on you like you are their employee, but they’re there to provide the assistance if you need it. They have everything you need to track your leads, your calls, your percentages, and all the CRMs and portals. As a business owner, you need to make the effort to be successful, but Business Alliance is there every step of the way as you need them to help you meet your goals.

What qualities do you need to be an ideal business franchise broker?

Another reason why I joined BAI is they are more selective in the consultants they bring on board. They typically look for previous business owners, people who have done consulting, or people who have been successful in the executive world. So, it just raises the bar of the quality of our consultants and the service we provide to the franchisor.

Why would you recommend BAI to someone looking for a new opportunity?

BAI has been doing this for almost 30 years, and they are the only organization recognized by the Better Business Bureau. They are very selective in the franchisors that they work with, and go through a strong vetting process. They ensure quality brands and franchises with proven track records and a good quality development team to close deals.

Natalie Barnes, BAI President, was a franchise consultant herself, so there is someone in leadership who can say, “Hey, I’ve done this before. I know you are struggling. I’ve been through that,” rather than an executive who comes in and says they know what’s best. The BAI executive team provides great support.

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