“In late 2013, upon completing the sale of my 22nd business over a 35 year span, I was looking to start yet another new chapter. I decided that it was time for me to do something productive and financially rewarding, which did not require employees or fixed overhead. I came across the opportunity to be a “Franchise Consultant” in my research. Being a bit skeptical, I began exploring both the industry and the several companies offering these types of opportunities. After doing my due diligence on all of the possibilities, I chose Business Alliance and joined their affiliate program. I jumped in immediately and while I had to re-train some skills and break some of my old habits, I have found my experiences with Business Alliance to be nothing but exemplary. The resources and training provided are very good and they have always been there whenever I have a question. I consider myself now to be a professional franchise consultant and enjoy all of the financial and personal benefits that come with it.”