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More people want to become entrepreneurs than ever before, and Business Alliance, Inc. helps them make it happen

We’re in a new golden age of entrepreneurship. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has created a new economic reality of people stepping away from corporate America and deciding to own a small business.

The Foundation for Economic Education reports “entrepreneurship is skyrocketing during the pandemic.” The unforeseen consequences of national lockdowns, corporate furloughs, and lack of job opportunities is creating a brand new entrepreneurial movement. The Wall Street Journal reports “Americans are starting new businesses at the fastest rate in more than a decade.”

The American economy is built on the success of small businesses. In every uncertain economic climate, the entrepreneurial instinct kicks in, and new opportunities are created.

Entrepreneurs need your help

Business Alliance, Inc. exists to help entrepreneurs make the right business decisions. As a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI, you will develop intimate relationships with entrepreneurs to learn about their goals, their vision for the future, their skill-sets, as well as their investment level, and guide them towards a franchise opportunity that is best suited for them.

Because BAI is a national leader in the franchise brokerage industry, with nearly 30 years of experience in helping connect the right entrepreneur with the right opportunity, we work with hundreds of franchise systems in every category, from QSR concepts to home-based concepts, to home improvement and restoration concepts, and much more.

This access to so many franchise systems means you will give your clients the lay of the land. They will trust you to help them select a franchise opportunity to give them the best likelihood of success.

If you’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, becoming a Registered Franchise Consultant with BAI is a wise choice.

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