Here are answers to questions people have about Business Alliance, Inc.

Q. What is Business Alliance, Inc.?

A. We act as franchise consultants representing franchises of all sizes, descriptions, styles, prices, and locations. We introduce you to Franchisors of companies from which you may want to purchase a franchise.

Q. Why deal with Business Alliance, Inc.?

A. We offer one-stop shopping when you are searching for a business to call your own. We help you save time by working with you to learn your likes and dislikes and style of doing business then matching you with prospective Franchisors at no cost to you.

Q. Will I pay more for the franchise if I use Business Alliance, Inc.?

A. No. You will pay the published price for any franchise just as if you had gone directly to the seller. The seller absorbs our marketing costs.

Q. What type of businesses does Business Alliance, Inc. represent?

A. A cross-section of hundreds of different franchises, full and part-time, small-to-large investment, nationally known to start-ups.

Q. Does Business Alliance, Inc. charge any up-front fees to the purchaser?

A. No. You never pay us for any of our work, before or after the purchase. Our income is earned by commissions paid us by the sellers of the franchise businesses.

Q. Does Business Alliance, Inc. offer training, advice, or counsel?

A. No. We leave that to the professionals. We are careful to represent only the highest quality franchises and we carefully research any franchise before adding it to our listings. We also recommend that you seek advice from a qualified attorney or CPA before making a major business purchase decision.

Q. How does Business Alliance, Inc. differ from a standard business brokerage?

A. A business brokerage lists and sells existing businesses, often including real estate and leases in the sale. Usually these are local businesses run by local owners and are frequently overpriced or lack sufficient bookkeeping controls. Businesss Alliance, Inc. represents franchise opportunities.

Q. Why should I buy a franchised business?

A. Landlords love franchises because of a very stable track record, a proven system, and an ongoing business model. Last year, 43% of all retail goods and services were sold through franchised outlets. You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Q. What is the next step?

A. Fill in and submit the form. We will forward your request to our nearest licensed consultant. They will contact you with free information about franchises that are available in your area.