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Business Alliance, Inc. is the premier resource of growth for our Consultants, Brands and Suppliers in the Franchise Industry. Since 1991, BAI Franchise Consultants have been representing franchise clients both domestically and internationally. Our registered consultants are accomplished professionals with high ethical standards. The strength of your franchise system hinges upon finding the right franchisees! Let us help you build a rock-solid foundation.

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The Future of Franchising

The growth of franchising is inevitable, because of the inescapable logic of the underlying concept. Franchising clearly offers aspiring, new business owners the best possible chance of succeeding with the least risk. Within a decade or less, franchising will comprise over 50% of the retail economy, will employ millions of people, and will enable hundreds of thousands to realize the American dream of successful business ownership.

It’s interesting to even think of “franchising” as an industry, but that is what it has become. Gone are the days when a founder could have a great product, a special sauce or a better mouse trap and people would pay for the rights to that I.P. With the glutton of information on the internet, there really is no such thing as a special sauce. Good franchisors realize this. And from this, an entire industry of “franchise companies” has been born.

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Franchising vs Operations

Franchise companies can be operators, but that is not their sole business. Franchisors are in the business of recruiting, awarding, onboarding, and supporting independently owned and operated businesses. We are seeing more and more that the best franchisors are really good at growing the brand and supporting their owners vs being the best operator of a single location in their system. This has led to a highly competitive landscape for franchisors looking to grow their brand. Finding the right fit in a franchise owner and treating them as a uniquely talented individual who adds value to your network sounds simple, but it most definitely is not.

Sustainable Growth -
Understanding WHO matters most

It can never be overstated how important franchise owners are to the franchise model. Yes, the brand matters. Yes, the business model is important. But it is good to be reminded, that without single and multi-unit franchisees, there is no business or brand to grow. They are the difference makers, and it is the franchisors job to find the best ones and lead them, to grow their brand, and take their secret sauce to more places than they could have taken it by themselves.

This focus begins in the recruitment process. It begins by understanding and identifying the ideal persona who will flourish in your business model and continuing to evaluate that as you grow your brand. At Business Alliance Inc this is our focus. To help you grow swiftly, but also smartly through identifying and targeting the best fit you can find for your franchise network.

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I do business with folks I know, like, and trust.. BAI is a group guided by ethics and closing deals the right way. Spending time with BAI is one of the most rewarding parts of my job!

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