If you are investigating how to start a franchise business, you might think going out on your own could be a great way to go. You have the idea, you have the knowledge and you can run the business.

But when you start putting pen to paper you realize that there is a lot more to starting a business than just a good idea. There’s staffing, finding real estate, setting up the processes for actually producing your goods and services, managing billing and accounting, and the hundreds of other tiny details that go into running a successful business.

That’s why so many people love working with a franchise. They’ve done the hard part of figuring out how your company should run, where the best real estate is and how to bill and pay for the business. So you’re paying them not just for the brand name, but also for their experience, support and guidance.

One of the most important areas in which franchises are effective is in financing. You may have a hard time financing “Joanne’s Repair Shop” without a solid business plan, experience and management team, but you will probably not have much difficulty lining up financiers for a new MAACO or Meineke Muffler shop. Why? Track record and past success plus the brand name are attractive to investors.

It’s pretty simple: Franchises are that “good idea” with the hard parts already figured out.

You just have to determine where your skills are best utilized and what type of franchise makes the most sense for you. That’s where we come in.

The most important part of determining which franchise to buy is taking a systematic approach to the research with an unbiased perspective.


The most important part of determining which franchise to buy is taking a systematic approach to the research with an unbiased perspective. The benefit with our Registered Franchise Consultants® with Business Alliance is they do JUST that! Unbiased, no additional charge to the buyer, and franchise companies that should be in alignment with YOUR goals!

How we work with you:

  • ONE:  We talk with you to gain an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve in your life and business. We also strive to learn your particular skill set, strengths, and competency in business.
  • TWO:  We address the financial needs and goals. If you need funding for your new franchise business, we work with Funding Partners that know the franchise industry. There are many funding options to choose from, depending on your personal financial situation.
  • THREE:  We match your lifestyle desires and skill set to a manageable set of franchises that might make sense for you.
  • FOUR:  We provide you with information about those franchisors and put you in touch with them.
  • FIVE:   You research with them by talking and visiting them to determine which franchise will work for you. This due diligence process is comprehensive and methodically so when you open your new business, you know what to expect! We can help locate franchise attorneys and other professionals that are useful during this due diligence.
  • SIX:  You purchase the franchise and begin their training to launch your new franchise business!


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