The BAI Difference

What Makes Us Different?

Virtually every aspect of our business is focused on creating success, including our selection process of our franchise consultants, franchise companies, and suppliers. Because we are performance-based, we are vested in helping our franchise consultants and franchise companies close deals, and that’s the BAI Difference.

We measure results!

We are not a membership-based model, and we do not charge annual fees. Other organizations will charge thousands of dollars to a franchise consultant, franchise company, or supplier to be part of their organization. Their focus is on quantity of members, because that’s how they get paid. We believe so strongly in our selection, quality, and training we do not need to charge annual membership fees.

We connect, educate, and support our franchise community!

The training program for our consultants consists of four phases. This includes in-person training, web-based programs, mentorship, and round table sessions. We have regular events throughout the country that connect our consultants with our franchise companies on a personal level. We know relationships matter! Not only are our franchise consultants thoroughly trained, we also spend time with our franchise companies and offer them training programs and support to allow more value to our consultants. Better quality means more deals, and that is how we measure success! All decisions are based on our ability to help everyone on our team be the best in the industry.

Our Corporate Team is all about quality!

the bai difference

Experienced, educated, and actively involved in the success and growth of our company, and everyone involved. We are a dedicated team that mentors, supports, and takes action to ensure our consultants’ success. This is shown with our commitment and support of the IFA and their CFE designation, the Franchising Gives Back program, and our travels throughout the country connecting with our consultants, franchise companies, and suppliers.

Have More Questions About the BAI Difference?

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