Adam E. Oklahoma City, OK

“After a brief NFL career and over a decade in Medical Industry, I knew it was time to find an organization that allowed me to reach my full potential. I had no idea that Franchise Consulting existed, but after a few conversations with Corporate, I was convinced Business Alliance was the perfect fit. I’ve truly enjoyed the chance to work with the best Affiliates and Franchisors in the industry. Most recently, I’ve been asked to join the training department to develop and mentor our new Affiliates. This experience has been extremely rewarding and I’m completely satisfied with my decision to become a Business Alliance Affiliate!”

Brian F., Baltimore, MD

“I researched quite a few businesses before deciding on Business Alliance. There were several reasons why I chose this company. For one thing, this was the only business that satisfied all my criteria: a fast growing, recession-proof industry, a low investment, low overhead, high income potential, time flexibility, professional clientele, and a business where I could provide a valuable service to many people. Also, I was very impressed with the backgrounds and the integrity of the people in the corporate office as well as the other Consultants. I have been very pleased with my decision. I achieved a six figure income in my first year, and I have tripled my income over 5 years! Also, I have much more control of my time and I generate a lot of satisfaction from helping other people achieve their goals.”

Mike F. Florida

“In late 2013, upon completing the sale of my 22nd business over a 35 year span, I was looking to start yet another new chapter. I decided that it was time for me to do something productive and financially rewarding, which did not require employees or fixed overhead. I came across the opportunity to be a “Franchise Consultant” in my research. Being a bit skeptical, I began exploring both the industry and the several companies offering these types of opportunities. After doing my due diligence on all of the possibilities, I chose Business Alliance and joined their affiliate program. I jumped in immediately and while I had to re-train some skills and break some of my old habits, I have found my experiences with Business Alliance to be nothing but exemplary. The resources and training provided are very good and they have always been there whenever I have a question. I consider myself now to be a professional franchise consultant and enjoy all of the financial and personal benefits that come with it.”

Ralph K., Nashua, NH

“10 years ago I was researching franchises as I was looking to get out of my job. I wanted a business that was solo, that I could work out of home using the phone and web, something that was of an intellectual nature where I could both help people and be a problem solver.

I found Business Alliance and started to research the opportunity. It sounded good and even though I knew nothing about franchising, I was confident that I could quickly learn what I needed to know. Within 4 days I felt that this was the right business for me and two weeks later I was getting trained.

The training, support, web site and resources have only gotten better over the years. I have enjoyed being a franchise consultant as it has afforded me a flexible lifestyle, a great income and no boss. I plan for this to be my last career.

Thank you BAI for a fantastic opportunity and for allowing me to being part of your family!”

Rob & Renee Israel Co-Founders

“We feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with you and the entire Business Alliance team of consultants.  Since we began franchising in 2009, your organization has helped fuel Doc Popcorn’s rapid growth and brought us great POPrietors that are creating smiles with our fresh-popped popcorn in 30 states in 5 countries.  Our goal in the first four years of franchising was to acquire as many “A” locations as we could with as many strong POPrietors as we could find. This was important to get critical mass, limit competition and build our brand.

We are once again very appreciative of the partnership between Doc Popcorn and Business Alliance Inc. and what we created together. “

Tracy M, AZ

“I have been a Franchise Broker and Consultant for many years with The Business Alliance. As an organization they operate with the same core values of honesty and integrity as we do in our practice. They offer a diversified, high-paying portfolio of popular franchises and business partners. Each year BAI invests in improving and refining their broker support systems to help streamline access to information. Above all else is their fast response to problem resolution. You know you have joined the right organization when their primary focus is supporting their brokers.”