Training & Support

Personalized one-to-one training with an active, successful consultant in your home town or at our corporate office in Seattle. We cover travel expenses and all training expenses whether it is local or in Seattle. We feel there is NO comparison to in person one-to-one training! We go at your pace, discuss your goals, and personalize the process to YOU. It is a great start to move to the next phase with understanding and confidence.
Web-based training and business set up is done at your pace. Learn from our franchise partners, our referral partners, business development classes, and advanced education. This is done by our web training programs and phone appointments. We create an Implementation Checklist that is methodical and systematic to get you ready to go “live”.
• Mentorship program from your trainer and our Affiliate Services Manager at our corporate office to insure your success as you work with candidates independently.
• This includes your initial internet leads as you launch your business and start working with your candidates. We stay as close as you want us to through this process.
Along with the mentoring process, we have six months of Round Table sessions with our corporate trainer to cover best practices, discuss personal experiences, and solutions to improve success.

  • Exclusive to our active affiliates and elevates the platform as a franchise consultant. Business Alliance affiliates have increased rapport, understand their candidates better, match companies that are in align with their candidates natural strengths, and are set apart from the rest because of this! The success of this tool has been astounding and customized to the franchise industry for ONLY our Business Alliance
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  • Weekly conference calls with our franchise partners who have a vested interest in your success.
  • Monthly conference calls for business development and best practices. These webinars continue to be of value to our affiliates for years to come as we bring on new franchise partners and add business development programs applicable to every stage of business.
  • Additional revenue streams along with franchise placement referrals. Regional programs for our affiliates to connect with professionals in our industry and other BAI affiliates.
  • Cost effective client lead generation from our Resource Partners exclusive to our affiliate network.
  • Monthly Newsletter to edit to your company profile and send out to your candidates.
  • A successful vetting process of our franchise partners to insure we have an extensive inventory of quality franchise partners.
  • Personalized training for your business as you move into new markets locally or nationally and connecting you to the expert in each specific market.
  • Ongoing support from our corporate staff for all areas of your business, and for the life of your business!
    • Resource Partners of Business Alliance for …
    • Customized website development
    • Funding partners
    • Legal support
    • Lead generation portals
    • Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)