Promote Your Franchise through Business Alliance Inc.

We are North America’s premier franchise brokerage. We offer established franchises the ability to be represented by over 200 franchise consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We are NOT a membership-based model and do not charge on-going annual fees.

Other organizations will charge you thousands of dollars just to be listed in their inventory; their focus is on quantity of their membership (you), because that’s how they get paid. Our Registered Franchise Consultants ® become your nationwide sales force at zero cost to you until we produce results. No annual fees mean you have complete control of your cost to bring a new franchisee to you!

We are performance based – everyone benefits when a new franchise is awarded and executed!

Franchise Advertisements/Marketing to our Consultants

Our franchisors are our partners! We will provide a detailed description of your franchise within our secured Consultant/Franchise Partner intranet database. Your franchise overview, content and available resource documents are dedicated to a specific section which will include, at a minimum:

  • your contact details
  • background and description of your franchise
  • the financial / terms
  • the territory availability and growth forecasts for expansion
  • the support and training a franchisee can expect
  • resale opportunities if applicable
  • available webinar and video links, and much more.

and we provide this with NO annual membership fee!

Knowledge-Based Webinars

Each franchise partner will have the opportunity to present on both ‘live’ and ‘recorded’ webinars to our Registered Franchise Consultants ® on an annual basis. This is an opportunity to present your brand so our consultants can hear directly from you and learn more about your brand. Each webinar is recorded and posted to the Consultant multimedia library, so that our consultants may refer to them at any time.

Promoted by our Registered Franchise Consultants ®

Our Registered Franchise Consultants® are approved and selected by our corporate team to insure you are represented by professional, qualified, and competent consultants. They have secured access to all of the franchisor information in order to promote your franchise. This means our consultants are familiar with your franchise and its concepts, and are ready to advise prospective owners immediately upon contact. Relationships MATTER! Our consultants are trained to develop relationships with our franchise partners, which in turn increases referrals to you!

Information Updates

As a franchise partner, you will have online access to your listing page. To keep this listing page relevant, our corporate team will do any updates or changes for you! Whether it is availability, financial terms, a franchise ‘logo’ change, or any updated news to your brand, we make it easy for you to insure your page stays updated 24 hours every day for our consultants to present and understand your brand.

Weekly Email Newsletters – our eConnection

Every week, we will send out an email newsletter providing information to our Business Alliance Consultants. This newsletter includes all activity that has been done during the week such as webinars, special features, changes to a franchise, and other news that affects the franchise world. Our communication is our priority to you and our consultants.

Contact our Business Alliance, Inc. Team for more information.

Quick Benefits List:

  • Dedicated Franchisor Listings
  • Client Information Sheets
  • Knowledge-based Webinars
  • Promoted by Our Registered Franchise Consultants ®
  • 24-Hour Secure Access to Listing and Information Updates
  • Access to Consulting Experts with over 20 years of Experience
  • Weekly Email Newsletters
  • Opportunities to personally meet with our quality Franchise Consultants
  • Highly qualified and trained Franchise Consultants that have gone through our rigorous vetting and training program