Testimonials from Our Franchise Affiliates

Our Franchise Affiliates open up about what they love about their careers

Business Alliance, Inc. is home to over 250 Franchise Affiliates. All come from different backgrounds and professional experiences. What unites them is their passion for helping entrepreneurs make the right business decisions and helping the franchise systems we partner with grow.

And they’re exceptional at it. Our results-driven company is one of the most successful franchise brokerage firms in the nation. Every year, we connect hundreds of entrepreneurs with franchise opportunities ideally suited to their interests, passions, and skill sets.

Here is what our Franchise Affiliates love about BAI, their careers, and the opportunity to help entrepreneurs flourish in business:

“I have been a broker of Business Alliance, Inc. for approximately 2 years. I have found the BAI team to be extremely helpful and supportive! One of the ways they support us is hosting events that bring brokers from all over the country together.”

– Carmen Pollastro
BAI Broker, Lake Tapps, WA

“Committing to Business Alliance, Inc. five years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It has given me the flexibility I need to work from anywhere and income directly tied to the effort I put into my business.”

– Daphne Pappas
BAI Broker, New York, NY

“The Business Alliance, Inc. model made the most sense to me. When I close a deal, I would give them a small percentage of my placement, just like my experience as an executive recruiter. Other organizations have membership fees on a monthly basis regardless of your success.”

– Patrick Rozmus
BAI Broker, Nesconset, NY

“Business Alliance, Inc. has helped me become the best of the best, a top consultant in the franchise industry. I wouldn’t be able to do that on my own. Today I’m able to help people realize their dreams of business ownership.”

– Audrey Randall
BAI Broker, Madison, Wisconsin

“As a business owner myself, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. Being a franchise broker means I’m helping people not only become entrepreneurs, but invest in the franchise opportunity right for them. It’s rewarding work, both personally and financially. I get to build relationships with people trying to create opportunities in their communities. What’s better than that?”

– Antonio Golder
BAI Broker, Washington DC-Baltimore Area

“I worked as an executive for a franchise brand, so I know how hard it is for franchise systems to grow. They need people who are qualified, passionate, and ready to put in the work. Finding the right people is what creates a successful franchise system. As a franchise broker, you’re a matchmaker. You’re helping entrepreneurs find the franchise system to invest in. There’s no better feeling than having them know they’ve made the right choice.”

Mariruth Kennedy
BAI Broker, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

“I was in a senior leadership position in the healthcare space for several years, and traveling several months out of the year. When I missed my kids’ birthday for the second time, I realized there has to be a better way. I always wanted to own my business, and BAI gave me the opportunity to do something I’m passionate about, as well as be there for my family. It’s been three years since I joined BAI, and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Andy Baker
BAI Broker, Medford, Oregon

“The BAI Conference in New York City was an excellent use of my time. Meeting with new franchisors gave me ideas I never knew were available. The panel discussions were equally informative. The part I enjoyed most, however, was meeting other BAI brokers. Several people helped me solve issues I’ve struggled with for months. It’s also a chance to share best practices that improve performance. Overall, the conference helps you become a more successful broker.”

– Ross Capabianco
Owner at Express Employment Professionals

“In franchising, working with a broker is preferred. You get a higher quality candidate, and Business Alliance, Inc. is the best to work with.”

– Brett Larabee
SVP of Franchise Development with Estate Love

“We have worked with the BAI team for many years. While we enjoyed many years of success in getting BAI candidates funded, nothing compares to the success we have been able to enjoy since participating in the BAI workshops and meet and greets. Having the chance to not only meet the consultants we already do deals with, but those top performers and newcomers we have not done a deal with has made the events a success every time we participate. To that end, we have decided to never not be a part of one of these events because it has been a tremendous business decision. Not to mention, the events are well run, organized and you get to spend time with some great people.”

Eric Schechterman
Benetrends, National Sales Director

“ComForCare has attended the last several round table networking events with Business Alliance and found them extremely helpful in terms of our relationships with consultants.

Whether it was seeing friends we knew already, some for the first time, or forging new relationships with new consultants ready to build their businesses, the conversations and takeaways for everyone are greatly enhanced through these face-to-face events. Frankly speaking, ComForCare continues to invest in meeting consultants because it works, and because relationships create better placements for us and promote long-term success for everyone.”

ComForCare Health Care Holdings, Inc.

“We have really enjoyed working with BAI over the last 4 years. The quality of the candidates their consultants continuously bring us really shows how committed they are to assuring we have well qualified candidates to work with.

The fact that the BAI consultants we work with always have their candidates’ best interest in mind, and the communication between them and us after each of our follow up calls makes it so much easier for us as franchisors to successfully bring them through our process.

We’ve had great success closing numerous deals with BAI consultants over the last few years, and look forward to a great year ahead. Keep them coming!”

Diane & Jim Wilson
Senior Franchise Directors, Tutor Doctor

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