Enhanced Partnership Announcement

Business Alliance, Inc. Announces Enhanced Partnership with Don Schin ✅ , Founder of Franchise Building Expert

Tacoma, WA – Business Alliance Inc (BAI) a leading franchise professionals network is pleased to announce an enhanced partnership with Don Schin, founder of Franchise Building Expert. This strategic collaboration is set to bring a new era of excellence to BAI’s training department, ensuring best-in-class training for both new and existing franchise brokers.

The partnership will leverage Don Schin’s extensive expertise in franchise development and training to revamp and elevate the training programs offered by Business Alliance Inc. Don Schin, a recognized leader in the franchising industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will contribute significantly to the growth and success of franchise brokers associated with BAI.

“We are thrilled to embark on this enhanced partnership. Don’s track record in franchise building and training is unparalleled, and we believe that this collaboration will set a new standard for the franchise industry,” said Brandon Clifford, COO at Business Alliance Inc.

As part of the collaboration, Don Schin will spearhead the process of revamping BAI’s training department, introducing innovative strategies and comprehensive programs designed to empower franchise brokers. The focus will be on providing practical, up-to-date, and industry-relevant training that equips brokers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s competitive marketplace.

“I am excited to work with Business Alliance Inc to enhance their training programs. Our goal is to ensure that every franchise broker associated with BAI receives industry leading training, enabling them to achieve success and contribute to the overall growth of the franchise industry,” said Don Schin, Founder of Franchise Building Experts.

This partnership reflects Business Alliance’s commitment to continuous improvement and delivering unparalleled value to its stakeholders. By investing in advanced training and development initiatives, BAI aims to strengthen its position as a leader in the franchising sector.

About Business Alliance Inc (BAI): Business Alliance, Inc. is the premier resource of growth for Consultants, Brands and Suppliers in the Franchise Industry. Since 1991, BAI Franchise Consultants have been representing franchise clients both domestically and internationally. Our registered consultants are accomplished professionals with high ethical standards. The strength of a franchise system hinges upon finding the right franchisees! We help brands build a rock-solid foundation.

About Franchise Building Experts (FBE): Franchise Building Expert’s niche and expertise is in franchise sales and development. It delivers these services in various ways to satisfy the needs and fit in the budgets of franchisors and leaders in the franchise industry.  It delivers industry-leading course and live training, outsourced/fractional sales and 3rd party representation services, broker services for business or individuals seeking franchise opportunities, industry and professional speaking, coaching, and consulting. With almost 60 years in franchising ownership and sales ourselves, clients know that we have been there ourselves and know what it takes to be successful.

For media inquiries, please contact: BAI Marketing Department, marketing@nullbusinessallianceinc.com

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