An Interesting Interview with David Braun, Chief Development Officer at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts

Doron Straus | Corporate Trainer – Business Alliance, Inc.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with David Braun, Chief Development Officer with Big Frog Custom T-Shirts.  David has many years in the franchise industry, most recently coming from City Wide Facility Solutions.

Here is my interview with David.


DS – David, thank you for your time today to speak to me about Big Frog so that I may provide our broker network with a little more detail about Big Frog Custom T-shirts.  Let me start out with asking you to help me understand what are you looking for in a broker referral from BAI that goes beyond the obvious financial requirements?


DB – The first thing that comes to mind is to bring to me someone who wants to go out and get it!  Someone with a strong sale, or sales management background, even accountants do well, if they know how to hustle.


DS – David, can you illustrate a Day-in-the Life of an owner at Big Frog?


DB – We have two different core customers: B2B such as businesses that need logo apparel, government, small businesses, and non-profits.  You need to go out and get the customers!  Our largest franchisee does 65% B2B.  Our owners do trade shows as well.  The office staff, typically 2 people, deal with the B2C, retail sales, run the production equipment, whereas the owner is out getting the business. We like people from corporate America, people simply who are not afraid to talk to people. Our shops are open for a few hours on Saturdays, but the owners are not typically there at that time since it is mainly walk-in B2C.


DS – Do you utilize behavioral assessments in your vetting of candidates?  I ask this because your extensive information in our back-office listing mentions owners with a strong emotional intelligence.


DB – We currently do not use assessments however we will shortly be starting a Predictive Index which will explore sales, operational acumen, and other factors.  We do want to weed out those that are more introverted.


DS – Beyond the obvious qualifications, such as finances, can you illustrate any “culture” that Big Frog likes to foster?


DB – There is no specific culture other than to say that we like a well-rounded person.  Someone who is “business casual.”


DS – What can you share with our brokers regarding the competitive environment of the custom clothing marketspace for our brokers?


DB – We are unique.  We are the only franchise in this space. We are both retail and B2B, so we are scalable.  Our top 25% of owners are doing over $1MM in sales (this is not to be disclosed).  There are no real players in the field as we are the largest. Because of this, we have 15-20% better buying power and we have the approval of all major brands to use their logos.


DS – In your opinion, what do the brokers that make the most placements with Big Frog have in common?


DB – Understand that I have been with Big Frog for only 2 months, coming from City Wide.  I will say that what those successful brokers have in common is that they understand who we are looking for.  They understand that I am a strong closer.  I will talk to you after each call that I have with your candidate, and I understand that the candidate is YOUR client.


DS – What do your most successful franchisees have in common?


DB – Our largest zee does over $2MM per year, growing the business from $250K as a purchased resale.  Our top performers simply know how to communicate.  They go out and about, talking to everyone.  They are active in their Chambers of Commerce.  This is not a hard sell business; it is simply feeling comfortable getting outside and talking.


DS – Lastly, is there anything else that you can add that could benefit our broker network?


DB – We are a Sales and Marketing franchise.  Our top 25% do over $1MM in sales (do not disclose).  This is a low-investment business with a strong ROI.


DS – David, thank you for your time today.  The discussion was very informative, and I certainly hope that this will benefit both you and our broker network.  Have a great weekend!

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