The Behavioral Assessment and its value to the Franchise Consultant and to the Franchisor

Doron Straus | Corporate Trainer – Business Alliance, Inc.


More franchisors are giving credence to the use of behavioral assessments in the evaluation process of incoming franchise prospects. That is not to say that traditional information, such as interest surveys, lifestyle interests and financial considerations have decreased importance.  Rather, a behavioral assessment can provide insight into the candidate’s thought process, cultural fit, value system and more, all of which aids the franchisor in both their award process and in their training of their new franchisee. In fact, many franchisors incorporate a behavioral assessment as a part of their initial qualification process of a potential franchisee, but many do not, and this is where you can set yourself apart from other broker-consultants within our industry!


Of equal note and importance, franchise consultants are understanding the benefits of the behavioral assessment as an additional tool used to better understand their candidate, how to best communicate with them, and how to match them to brand concepts that will be the “right fit.”


In Business Alliance, the Zorakle Spot-On®profile is an additional resource that will elevate the credibility of your consulting business, aid your marketing efforts, and will help you improve rapport with your candidate. The Zorakle Spot-On® Assessment can be added to your signature line in emails, added to websites and social media sites.


The Zorakle Spot-On® profile is a comprehensive tool that identifies multiple assessment variables, as opposed to just one, such as a “personality” assessment as seen in other assessments.  Rather, the Zorakle Spot-On® profile addresses multiple behavioral sciences, in one inclusive assessment for a much clearer and defined “picture” of your candidate. Several of these science assessments include:


  • Personality, such as work style.
  • Values, such as what is meaningful to your candidate, and the motivations that drive their behavior.
  • Culture, including insight as to whether the candidate will be a good “fit” for the franchise and if the franchise is a good “fit” for your candidate.
  • Stage of Growth, such as insight as to whether your candidate will be suited for an early-stage concept or would be better suited for a more established brand.
  • Skills, including sales, marketing, customer service and technical skills.


Your candidate will get a link to their own report results and you, the consultant, will also get a results report that includes additional information, a valuable section entitled Meta Programs. In this section, the consultant will learn and understand the mental filters that a candidate uses to assess and filter information that they will receive from you and the franchisor. By understanding how your candidate processes the information that they will receive, you will learn to communicate with your candidate in a way that will help you understand the comfort zone, motivations, and decision-making style of your candidate.


The Zorakle Spot-On® Assessment is designed to help you to understand the franchisee-franchisor “fit.”  It is designed to help the consultant engage the candidate into a more meaningful relationship and help align that candidate with appropriate franchise concepts and close more deals.


If you have not already done so, I would highly recommend that you take the Assessment and judge for yourself.  Here is the link for BAI Affiliates,


The Zorakle Spot-On® Assessment is another tool that is available to you as an additional aid to facilitate the closing of more deals!

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